Finding Kitsch


Find an example of artwork that IS kitsch. Take a quick photograph of this kitsch

Then, find an example of artwork that USES kitsch. This second art piece could appropriate or reference
kitsch in an ironic or other statement-making or question-asking way and requires a more complex
interpretation. This second piece may have kitsch elements or look like kitsch, but is actually art. Take a
casual photograph of that artwork as well.

Include both images with your writing.

Justify or defend your choices:
• Why is the first artwork you have presented to the reader purely kitsch? You need to define
kitsch for the reader to understand this.
• How is the second artwork using kitsch for artistic ends? Clearly explain what makes that art not
• You should explain the difference between kitsch and art.
• Your writing should clearly reference both Greenberg’s essay Avant-Garde and Kitsch and the
selections from Kulka’s book Kitsch and Art.


- The style of the writing is informal, meaning you may use “I” language.

- Structure your response so that any citizen interested in the arts would understand your text.

- Do not include the prompt with your writing (or do so only with narrative intention) and attempt to create a self-
sufficient piece of writing.

- No minimum or maximum length, although 1000 to 2000 words would be an average expectation.

- Use 10 or 12-point font and double-spaced lines for ease of reading.

- Your paper can be organized as one whole that compares and contrasts point by point, or you can organize
you paper into two sections with subheadings.

- You can include your images within the body of the writing (like a magazine layout) or have both images
included at the end of the document.

- You will also need to include more formal citations in the style that the instructor indicates. For this essay, the
required citation style is the superscript style of citation referred to as "Notes and Bibliography" and format that
bibliography in Chicago style. Why use Chicago "Notes and Bibliography" style? This style allows for more fluid
reading outside of an academic context and is the citation style you will need to use if citing sources in art-
institution writing. And use the Chicago style guide for formatting your bibliography because Chicago style
guide is the most commonly used in the Arts and Humanities. 4 of 28 points of the writing assignment will be
reserved for evaluating your ability to correctly use this citation style.

DUE DATE: First draft due online Thursday Feb 17 for peer review.

Student: The photos have been uploaded and named to differentiate the examples used for Kitsch/Non-Kitsch

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