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You've worked so very hard these past weeks and learned so much. Imagine six weeks ago when you didn't know much, if anything, about statistics. You have come so far that you can now create a small research hypothesis and collect data for analysis.

Write a 3 page paper for your final project. Ensure the following points are included.

  • Type of study
  • Research hypothesis and null hypothesis
  • Data collection procedure
  • Population and sample
  • Results
  • Calculation output
  • Summary of findings and implications
  • A rejection statement of the null hypothesis (if appropriate)

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed.

  • Formulation of a testable hypothesis.
  • Use of an appropriate, simple design.
  • Collection of adequate data using an adequate and appropriate sample.
  • Choice of correct statistic.
  • Correct execution of statistical analysis.
  • Include three peer-reviewed journal articles to support your ideas and observations.
  • Use the Paper Writing rubric to ensure you have met all the criteria. You will need to be APA compliant.
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