English Paper assingment 1200-1500 word essay


ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WRITE 1200-1500 word essay called HLE. The instructions for that is in the attachment named HLE+Introduction and attchment Hl-essay-faqs. but you need all this info and the other attchments to make it good. 

Attached are the details of the English Assignment or known as the “HLE”. Basically, for the past few months we read various types of texts from different authors. Some of them were just stories related to women’s rights and some were related to these brochures that emphasized crisis in other countries. As we read through them, I had to create my own line of inquiries which are basically my own research questions with a thesis statement. Basically this assingment is really about analyzing these brochures and talking about various textual features help deliver the message/increase awareness of major issues. I’m attaching to brochure document for you to review. On the 2nd page of that, you’ll see a list of all brochures. Furthermore, my teacher gave some additional guidance on the LOI and Thesis statement with the help of graded papers from the Past. I’ll attach that here for you.

This is the email my teacher sent regarding the HLE proposal I did. Just an FYI for you

"I made some comments on your proposal.  The main issue is that you MUST analyze the brochures language and structural elements.  Do not focus on the UN in general.  The HLE is an analytical essay on the brochures."

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