essay about humanitarian intervention in international crises


Over the course of the semester, we have encountered four different kinds of humanitarian actors, each embodying their own kind of humanitarianism - Western states and international non-governmental organizations (sometimes known as 'traditional' actors); non-Western states (sometimes known as 'non-traditional' actors); secular NGOs; and faith-based organizations (FBOs). 

In your paper, select any two of these four kinds of actors 

- and identify if, how, and why these actors - and the kinds of humanitarianism they embody - 

do or do not comply with the Code of Conduct. 

Please make sure to use specific examples from the readings or lectures to make your case.

1500-1800 words, 12point font, double-spaced pages

Önemli Not: This is an essay assignment, that is based on a specific question prompt (or one prompt in multiple parts). Part of the exercise is identifying the correct topics and/or passages and/or examples from the course readings and/or lectures, that are relevant to the prompt. However, simply providing a summary or recounting all you have understood about those topics is not enough. Read the prompt, understand the specific questions that are being asked, the specific ways you are being asked to think about the subject(s), and write your essay accordingly.

if you accept the assignmet, i will send you lesson notes

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