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II. Choose the correct variant – A, B, C or D-to complete the following sentences.

1.Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus.

A. invented      B. had invented         C. had been inventing       D. was invented

2. You  …  part-time in a bank  last year.

A. was working     B. worked          C. had worked     D. have  worked

3. People … water mostly from  streams , lakes and rivers.

A. used to get   B. was used to get      C.  had  used to get  D. used to getting

4. I … in a small house in the country when I was a child.

A.  had  used  to live   B. used to live   C.  was  used   to live     D. used to living

5.I … to bed when suddenly I heard a strong noise.

A. had gone    B. was gone       C. had been going     D. was going

6. Everything happened so unexpectedly .  Mr. Rich … on the  phone ,  I was sorting out the papers, and I was standing over there by the window.

A. was  speaking  B.  had  been  speaking    C. had  spoken     D. spoke

7. They …   all the preparations for the fancy-dress ball by 5 o’clock.

A.  completed   B. had completed    C. had  been completing     D. was completed

8.They … partners for some ten years before I met them.

A. was       B. had been     C. was being   D.  been

9. They … at the station for 90 minutes when the train finally arrived.

A. waited   B.  was   waiting   C. had  waited D. had been waiting

10. We … for her ring for two hours and then we found it in the bathroom.

A.  was  looking   B.  looked  C.  had been looking D. had  looked

11.The cost of any choice … the option or options that a person gives up.           being           C. has been    D. have been

12. Other buildings under threat ... Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

A.   has been  including.  B. include.    C. includes           D.  has been included.

13. Gabi … me that she is getting married.

A. told                   B. tell               C. has just told   D. have just told

14. According to research, the demand for alternative medicine ... recently.

A. rise.   B. was  rising .    C. had been rising    D. has risen.

15. I’m tired. I … all day.

A. have been ironing   B. has been ironing  C. have ironed    D. has ironed

16. Put your wallet away, I… for everything.

A. have already paid   B. paid    C. have been paid    D. has paid

17.  She … this coffee machine for three years.

A. has been using  B. have been using  C. use  D. are using

18. Calm down, Liz. John …! He has got the job!

A. has just phoned  B. phoned phoning D. phones

19. The shares …in value since we bought them.

A.  have been doubling   B. have doubled   C. is doubling   D. doubles

20. Alex has wanted to go to Tibet, but he …never … such a chance.

A. had          B. has… had                    C. has having

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