jc week 5


We have discussed both some basic counseling skills and various difficulties people may be experiencing which brings them to seek help.  One of the challenges we face is whether the secular can be used along with spiritual tools such as prayer and Scripture.  Some say they can; others say they cannot.  Therefore, we are giving you the opportunity to process the information you have learned and develop your own philosophy or theology of helping. 

  • Prepare a 4 paper explaining your philosophy or theology of helping, including the following points:
    • Using the information we have covered in this course, do you believe that both secular and scriptural concepts can be used in counseling?
      • Give reasons for your choice (if so, how; if not, why not).
      • Use examples from your own life or others’ lives which illustrate your choice.
    • How will you integrate counseling skills in helping others?
    • How will you integrate Scripture in helping others?
    • If your client were living a lifestyle and/or had spiritual beliefs that differed from yours, would this affect your ability to listen to the person in a non-judgmental, helpful way?  Explain your answer.
    • We have only covered very basic concepts in this course.  What do you believe will be your next step in developing your counseling skills?
  • For this paper, you may use answers, thoughts, concepts, ideas, etc. that you have included previously in this course (discussions, assignments, papers).  However, these will need to be sourced appropriately.
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