Week 8 Report




The CGMA Competency Framework incorporates technical, business, leadership, and people skills needed in the workplace today.  Consider the foundation in Financial Accounting you have received in this course as an integral part of this skill set and as a building block for your future academic and professional journey.

Additionally, take a look at the graphic explaining the concept of competency integration in accounting education. Notice how business and accounting have many points of intersection.

CGMA Graphic:  https://www.cgma.org/resources/tools/cgma-competency-framework-2014.html 

Raef A. Lawson, Edward J. Blocher, Peter C. Brewer, Jan Taylor Morris, Kevin D. Stocks, James E. Sorensen, David E. Stout, and Marc J. F. Wouters. Issues in Accounting Education Aug 2015, Vol. 30, No. 3 (August 2015) pp. 149-171. The above Thoughts on Competency Integration in Accounting Education graphic from page 150 is presented here:  IMA Framework for Accounting Education

Report Requirements

  1. Your supervisor has asked you to explain the value of the fact that you completed this accounting course. 
  2. Complete a minimum one-page report with your comments on the relationship of these concepts to accounting and to your organization to fulfill a request from your supervisor to explain the value of the accounting course supported with funding by your employer.  
  3. Consider your work throughout the semester as your prepare the report for submission.
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