Spanish Language film


To earn points in this category, you may view a recent (made since 2000) feature-length film in Spanish, subtitled in English. Films must be viewed without commercial interruption, i.e. in a theater, on DVD, video, on demand, or a pay cable channel such as HBO or Showtime. The film must be viewed during the term in which you apply for points and this must be documented with a receipt or time and date of television showing.

NOTE: Movies originally released in English are not acceptable.  An HBO translation does not equate to a movie created in Spanish.

To receive full points, you must write a movie critique (min. 500 wds.), in which you present a thorough analysis of the film that you saw. Plot summaries are NOT acceptable. (See the item below entitled Film Critique for more information on criteria to use when writing a film critique.) This statement must be typed or word-processed, spell-checked, and double-spaced.

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