rc second discussion


The investigation of sex-related crimes can be a challenge for multiple reasons.  As a criminal investigator you must learn to handle victims of sex-related crimes with delicacy and compassion.  Because of the nature of the crime and its emotional effect on the victim it is often difficult to obtain good evidence.  Traditionally this was a crime centered around women as victims, but with the growing awareness of sexual crimes against homosexuals it is slowly transitioning toward becoming a genderless crime.  For this reason a criminal investigator must know how to properly interview a rape victim and know what type of potential evidence can be obtained in this type of case.  We look to everything from clothing, DNA swabs, semen samples, and even trace evidence of condom use.  Two other areas of sex related crimes encompass the use of drugs to facilitate such an offense and elderly individuals as victims.  These cases will often involve different physical evidence that a criminal investigator must recognize including toxicology.

 please answer the following review questions: 1, 4, 7, 15, and 17.

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