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Objective: Differentiate how to interview a victim of human trafficking versus a victim of a different crime.  

The laws and investigations related to human trafficking have really just become a major part of the world of criminal investigation as these types of crimes are at the forefront of societal concerns.  The crime of human trafficking knows no age limits, social class limitations, or any other types of traditional or so-called normal boundaries that we often see in other crimes.  A criminal investigator must know how to identify and locate potential human trafficking victims, understand the difference between the various types of human trafficking, how victims get drawn into human trafficking, and how this differs from smuggling.  Additionally, interviewing a human trafficking victim requires special considerations and it is imperative for the investigator to understand the psychological effects of human trafficking on the victim.  As our knowledge of how this crime operates develops, it will be interesting to see how the role of criminal investigator changes

  • Visit the website and read through the recent news articles regarding human trafficking.  Also, read through the material at the website that provides a glimpse into the world of human trafficking as told by Teresa Flores.  Her bio and book excerpt provide valuable insight on how this really is a widespread problem should you want some additional information.

  • Post in the forum a discussion/summary of the 2 articles from the website that stood out to you and why.  Also, what aspects of the Chapter reading did you find to be most informative?  Why?  What considerations must be taken into account when interviewing human trafficking victims?

This is a "post-first" discussion. You will need to post your initial post in order to see peer posts.

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