rc week 2 paper


Objective: Identify what aspects of the crime still require follow-up investigation.

So you have properly processed the crime scene.   Now it’s time to follow-up with the crucial parts of the investigation.  The criminal investigator must understand what further evidence is needed to complete the case.  This includes using Internet resources, law enforcement databases, photo line-ups, criminal profiling, and even the art of crime scene reconstruction.  Even more vital can be follow-up interviews, surveillance, or even the use of a confidential informant.  The true criminal investigator will have a working knowledge of all resources available and know which direction to go to complete the follow-up portions of the investigation

  • In a 2.5 page word essay identify the types of databases available for use by law enforcement to assist in an investigation. 

  • Include a brief description for each of what information the database contains and can provide to an officer.

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