Marketing Advertisement


Format: 2 pages, 1.5 space

Please pick an advertisement that you like or dislike, and copy the advertisement visual on your Word document. It may be a newspaper, magazine or digital ad, doesn’t matter. You just need to copy/paste a picture of that advertisement so that the message is clearly seen. Answer the following questions related to this ad. There may be no right or wrong answers to some of these questions. Your answer will be true as long as you can explain your reasons for the given answer. 


1. What is the media type that is used in publishing this ad? (3 pts)

2. Who is the target market of this ad? Provide a detailed description of the target market. (3 pts). What segmentation approach (or approaches) did the marketers use in choosing this target market? Provide your reasons clearly. (3 pts)

3. What do you think is the communication objective of this ad? Why do you think so? (3 pts)

4. Do you think the ad is effective in meeting its objectives? What changes would you suggest on this ad? (3 pts)

Please put the question numbers at the beginning of each answer so that I can match your answers with the questions.

In writing your answers, make sure that you use the appropriate marketing concepts that we learnt in class.

You will see my comments and your grades on this assignment provided over 15 points. 

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