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Undoubtedly, you have seen on a number of occasions someone give a public statement of apology. Perhaps, they were caught doing something that they should not have done, they made an offensive statement or gesture, or a host of other things. Perhaps, you have watched some of these apologies and realized that the person was not authentically sorry, or they shifted the blame to someone else. Often, the public will accept these statements as a satisfactory act of public penance. 

  • Write a 2.5 page paper addressing the following:
  • Evaluate a public apology of your choice. This apology could have been made by a religious leader, a politician, or a celebrity.
  • Identify the following:   
    • what went wrong,
    • whether or not the person accepts responsibility for his or her actions,
    • ways they demonstrate vulnerability,
    • ways they express shame or remorse,
    • their emotional and physical demeanor as it relates to the sincerity of their message.
  • Finally, act as a consultant to this person.
    • How would you suggest that they handle this situation from a biblical and theoretical perspective?
    • Lay out your plan and provide your rationale for each step.
    • Assume that your consulting can include advice including the Bible and expert sources.

Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.

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