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As Christians concerned with the task of peacemaking, we recognize that many negotiation and mediation tactics exist to manage conflict. Some tactics are better than others. This begs the question: On what basis do we critique the value of our negotiation and mediation tactics? Social scientists utilize varying means of evaluating a theory or practice based on validity, usefulness, scope, simplicity, fittingness, and a host of other things. One aspect of critique often missing is the Christian biblical perspective. Of course, as Christians we recognize the authoritative nature of scripture in all things pertaining to life and practice. In addition, to being able to critique a tactic based on the standards of social science, we need to include a Christian perspective. This paper allows you the opportunity to begin formulating ways that you could biblically critique common negotiation and mediation strategies.
For this assignment, research a negotiation strategy discussed in your readings. You may pick any negotiation strategy as long as it is different from one that you engaged in the discussion this week.

  • Consult journals, books, and other material to help you come to a greater understanding of the negotiation tactic.
  • Write a 3 page paper that offers a biblical critique of that negotiation tactic. In your critique you will want to include the following:
  • A brief (1 page) overview of your chosen negotiation technique. Be sure this section is well-informed by outside sources.
  • A Venn diagram that displays the differences and similarities between the biblical material and the theoretical material.
  • A discussion concerning the similarities.
  • A discussion that explains the differences between the biblical and theoretical material.
  • An explanation of how the biblical material will enhance the negotiation technique.

Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.

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