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This exercise allows the opportunity to apply the notion that all truth is God’s truth. So far, we have come to understand that the Bible contains many passages that discuss the Christian’s role as a peacemaker and ways in which a Christian may use his or her words to bring about a peaceful resolution. In addition, we also have come to understand that social scientists have observed a number of effective and negotiation tactics. Some of these tactics find alignment with biblical truth and some do not. As Christians, we desire to handle conflict in a godly manner. In order to do so, it is helpful to have an idea where alignment and divergence exists between scripture and social science observations. One of the ways that we might see alignment between scripture and social science is in the the principle-application pattern. For example, scripture may provide a principle and social science may provide how-to, step-by-step instructions to achieve the principle. This assignment allows you to practice synthesizing truth from God’s special and natural revelation.
Using what you have learned from your readings and the videos that you have watched, you will synthesize the perspectives of both Christian and social scientists as it pertains to conflict management. You may use the videos by Meuhlhoff or the by the Christian leaders in the previous week, in addition to the Bible, as the basis for your “special revelation” category and you may use the readings as the basis of your “general revelation” category.

 Example Diagram

  • In the middle, where the circles overlap, you will place the ideas that both the representatives of special revelation and general revelation overlap.
  • Once you have demonstrated, by way of the Venn diagram, explain how the synthesis of special revelation and general revelation enhances conflict management strategies. In other words, do not simply provide a list of similarities and differences but explain what it means.
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