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Steven De Krey

      Good evening, Class, 

           The term availability means terms of system performance, as explained in our week 5 readings Requirements: “the amount of periods of time the system is to operational and usable” (Williams, 2021). This is explaining that having availability within a system is having the system depending on the role and load, a system for a company such as Amazon would need to be on 24/7. The specificity of the availability of the system depends on the mission and pace of the company. 

    Regarding our MTC company, having the payroll and the hiring of new employees at a short notice, the availability of having for example as said by the CEO of MTC: “[having the] right people can be in place to fulfill our current contracts and additional staff can be quickly hired to address needs of future contracts that we win” (Williams, 2021). This is the goal for having a system that values the availability of information and systems for potential employees to be added and removed at high trafficked times before projects as well as having the dexterity to be used by the hiring manager and small staff if they are using this system even on the weekends or working past the usual 9-5 business day to make sure the project is properly staffed. The bonus of having a system that values availability is priceless in situations when the demands of the projects and contracts with MTC require a system to be operational 24/7 essentially. If there is maintenance to be done the availability of the system can also be prioritized in busy seasons.  

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