Religions of Antiquity


Students must submit both assignment describing and analysing the web content in each question. At the end of the notes there is a section entitled ‘web content’ and students are expected to look at each link and then write a brief 2 pages (double space) response describing what they see and explain how that compliments or counteracts the descriptions that they have read in the Oxtoby textbook.


Interactive Assignment

Religions of Antiquity (web content)


Select two ancient origin mythologies and compare and contrast the selected narratives. You may select from the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian, Greek, or Roman texts. For example, you might choose the Egyptian origin myth ‘Creation by Atum’ or the ‘Egyptian creation story’ and compare it with the Mesopotamian creation narrative found in the Enuma Elish. Browse through some of the texts and see which ones you find most interesting for the purpose of comparison. (No plagiarism please)

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