journal 3


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Choose one chapter from the Week 4-5 readings that you found the most interesting (chapters 9-14). Take a moment and gather your thoughts about the reading.

Does the information surprise you? Was there a new idea in it that you hadn't considered before? Did you read something that suddenly made you understand a phenomenon you previously had observed? Will it change the way that you life your life or how you explain something to people? Should society alter how it functions due to the information? Was there something that you didn't understand? Was there something that you wish everyone knew?

Once you have gathered your thoughts on the reading, you should set a timer for 5 minutes (literally!). Begin writing in the answer place here your thoughts on the reading. You do not need to worry about punctuation, grammar, or proper sentence structure (it should be similar to a "stream of consciousness"). Your objective here is to tell me what you're thinking about the reading. The only thing that you should NOT do is simply summarize the reading (I've already read it, I don't need a summary, what I need to know is what you think about it!).

One more thing: In the Week 5 content area, you will see "Journal 3 Discussion." Do not fret, there is no actual discussion to take place. To complete this journal assignment, simply go to the "Journal 3 Discussion," start a thread or add on to someone else's thread (it doesn't matter), and say "I've completed my journal." I will respond with some little comment. That's it. No actual discussion, no worries.


40 points = depth of writing/thoughts

10 points = length of writing (5 min)

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