Gender in poltical life


Question 1 : Gender & Violence ( 10points) a) Please choose one table (which presents the statistical data regarding some aspects of domestic violence against women) from the Hacettepe University Summary Report 2104 and analyze it: What does this statistical data in the table say about domestic violence against women in Turkey and how do you explain the table by using Melinda York¿s article? For example, if you choose one table from the report section ¿Prevalence of physical and/or sexual violence¿, you can discuss why this form of violence exists, how it manifests itself in Turkey and what its consequences are, by using York¿s article. (5 points) b) Please read the Istanbul Convention pamphlet by the Council of Europe and explain what the Istanbul Convention offers to prevent and combat gender-based violence? (5 points)

Question 2: Gender & Media ( 10 points) Please choose ONE recent media material (a news article, an advertisement, a music video, a public campaign, a movie or a tv show, etc). Analyze how the language and visual aspects of this media material represent gender roles, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Does this media material

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