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Heaven and hell are real places.  But what are they like?  Should we trust the books and movies produced by men, or women, or children who supposedly visited one place or the other?  Or, would it be better for us to look deeply into the Bible and allow it to explain to us the reality of these places?  The Bible is the best option, and not dependent on opinion or experience.  For this discussion, we will consider heaven exclusively and allow Scripture to teach us what to expect.

  • Create a short list of five ways that heaven is described in popular culture. Are any of these evident in a movie, song, advertisement or some other cultural reference?
  • Describe what is known about heaven using biblical texts.  Again, make a list of at least five specific ways that the Bible describes heaven.  (Be careful.  Many Christians mistake “heaven” for the “new earth” described at the end of Revelation!  These are not the same.)
  • Response posts should analyze the biblical texts used by fellow students.  Are these really describing heaven, or something else?
  • Prepare to discuss the lists that you developed in order to present a holistic view of heaven as described in the Bible.
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