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Scott Rae makes the point in his chapter that his model is meant to serve as a guideline for making difficult ethical decisions, not to give hard and fast answers to these problems. At the same time, there might be some ways that the approach to ethics assumed by the model may run contrary to a biblical or Christian worldview. In what ways might this be true?

  • Think back over the ‘model for making an ethical decision’ used in the debate.
  • Prepare to discuss the following questions.
    • In each scenario, what difference would it make to be a Christian?  Ensure your contribution includes commenting on a specific scenario that this would make the most difference.
    • What role does a Christian’s obedience to God’s Word play in Rae’s model? 

Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Quoting or paraphrasing from any source in discussion posts requires APA format by including an in-text citation and listing the reference at the end of the post.

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