devotional week 2 JC


100 words only!!

Matthew 22:34-40 
Jesus states that the greatest commandment is to love God, while the second-greatest commandment is to love one’s neighbor as oneself. 1 John 4:19 says, “We love him because he first loved us.” God’s love for us is the basis of our love for God, as well as the basis for a ‘rightly-ordered’ self-love. When we see ourselves as God sees us, we can love ourselves in a way that is not selfish or self-centered, but instead allows us to love others as God would have us love. This is what it means to ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ Ask yourself this question: “Do I have an appropriate level of love for myself that is based on God’s love for me? Do I see myself as God sees me?” What steps can you take this week that will help you begin to love others better and treat them as you would have them treat you?

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