set up a WAN with enhanced routing and communication capabilities between two large buildings that are 500 feet apart on campus. The network must have a service provider link to a remote set of servers on the cloud.


For this assignment, you must write a technical paper that presents a solution for the scenario.

Your paper should include the following:

  1. Discuss the type of infrastructure that needs to be in place.
  2. Determine what methods of transmitting data packets should be used.
  3. Select and justify the types of switching that should be used (e.g., packet, circuit, message, cell relay, frame relay, ATM, other)
  4. Determine whether or not technologies like FDDI, SONET, SD-WAN, SMDS, or other options should be incorporated into the network. Explain your reasoning.
  5. Explain the protocols that are relevant to the WAN.
  6. Provide a critical analysis of your recommendations and articulate the potential risks involved or other considerations that may be necessary to implement them. Justify and support from the literature.
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