Statistical Data Processing and Geographic Information Systems -Group project report


In this project, student should form a group of 5 to 6 students to state one problem that they may encounter in their own discipline like where should a community college locate? Is there any impact of the infrastructure development at Lantau to the habitation of pink dolphin? Where should I start my new business? This project is designed to align with the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th Course Intended Learning Outcomes.
The group needs to analyze the problem and finds out their optimum solution by the help of Geographic Information System (GIS). Each group should select three possible results as their possible solution on the map according to the problem the group is facing. For example, the group wants to build a new Community College in Shatin, and then the group finds out three places that it is possible to have a new Community College and show the points on the map. In the project, student could use different kinds of GIS tools like Google map, Google earth, QGIS or even other tools to analysis each selected solution of your suggested problem on the map and make decision.

The written report should be at least 3500 words and no more than 5000 words. And the written report should have the components as below:
 Introduction
‧ Identify the problem, briefly describe what problem you are facing.
‧ Write the problem statement, that means which kinds of question should be
solved or what is decision you have to makes.
‧ Briefly explain the circumstance around each possible solution according to
the problem state.
‧ State the factors that should be determined for making the optimum decision.
‧ State data that you will use to support your decision making.
 Analysis
‧ State out the factors that may affect your decision.
‧ Generate the maps to help your decision making
‧ Discuss each factor according to the maps and various kinds of data collected
from Internet in details.
 Decision making process
‧ Decide and explain the importance of each factor that may affect your
‧ Use self-created marking system to grade the mark of each selected location
to decide which selected location is the optimum solution to the problem state with explanation. You can use any tools and format to show how does your group giving marks for each selected location.
 Conclusion
‧ To conclude the problem that the group faces, and the optimum solution
found according the group’s analysis.

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