contaminated drinking water coming from a well


I need help for this case study a text that summarizes well the 4 questions  :

You are buying a house that has a well that supplies drinking water. Although the groundwater source is influenced by the nearby river water according to the hydrogeologist you consulted, you decide to install a simple chlorination system to treat your water.
You are having a party on a sunny weekend with family and friends. A few days later, you get sick and learn that half of your family members have similar symptoms, similar to gastroenteritis (all age groups are affected).
- Identify the potential causes of this waterborne outbreak (source of contamination, biological agents).
- Determine what your obligations are under the (Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water )
- Determine what corrective actions should be made to the treatment, propose solutions for improvement
- Determine what the future challenges to your well water quality would be with climate change. 

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