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Refer to Ch. 20 of your text for this assignment.

Write instructions for a task applying the qualities of good technical writing. The instructions should be a brief 4- to 7-line how-to. Do not let the seemingly simplicity of the task fool you. Think about the items needed, steps involved, cautions needed, tips, and so forth, before you begin writing.

Revise your writing, as needed, to increase the clarity and readability of your instructions. Demonstrate good organization and a logical sequence that enables people to complete the task.

Select one of the following tasks for your instructional how-to:

  • How to plant a seed
  • How to make a sundae
  • How to diaper a baby (remember to differentiate between little girls and little boys; the technique is different depending the baby's gender)
  • How to inflate a deflated basketball
  • How to tie a shoe

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document (.doc or .docx) to the Assignment Files tab. Word is the only acceptable file format for this assignment.

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