You need to organize sheep in a heap. Fat sheep


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You need to organize sheep in a heap. Fat sheep should go on the bottom so they don’t crush the skinny sheep. · Sheep have: o Name o Weight  · The heap (HINT: min-heap) should have the following methods: o addSheep: inserts a new instance of a sheep. The sheep should be added to the bottom of the heap and it is expected to climb up the heap until it’s on top of a heavier sheep but below a light sheep. o climbUp: used by addSheep to allow the sheep to climb the heap and get in the right place. o removeSheep: removes the sheep from atop the heap. Then the sheep on the bottom of the heap, is put on the top and climbs down until it’s where it needs to be. o climbDown: Used by remove sheep to move the sheep down to the right place. Always pick the lighter of the sheep below it and swap if the current sheep is heavier than the lighter one. o sheepRollCall: Print out the sheep’s name and weight in breadth order o sheepHeapSort: return a sorted array of sheep · Finally write a test file that demonstrates your sheep heaping abilities. o It should add 15 sheep o Remove at least 5 o Demonstrate that these work by calling the sheep roll call o Then show the sheep heap sort works

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