need help in C# inheritance


You may start with the version I did in class and it is available for download in the class meeting zip file above. You are to add the following functionality to the BaseObjects project. In the MyEditDialog class when the Ok Button is clicked, it will check to see if there is a message in the textBox and save it to a file located in c:\temp. The file name is be app1.log and will create the file if it doesn't exist and will append the file if it does exist. This functionality will not exit in the BaseEditDialog class. Since the btnOK_Click event will be overridden in the inherited class it must be protected and virtual. Use the StreamWriter class as shown last semester. Remember to append the file if it exist by instantiating the StreamWriter class as follows. myfile = new StreamWriter("c:\\temp\\app1.log", true);

This is due Friday 6pm.

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