Question Title: Research Proposal on Online Dating with Hyper-personal communication

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The purpose of this assignment is to draw on the knowledge you have gained over the course of the semester. A research paper usually begins with the researcher asking a question (research question). Based on the topics and theories presented in this class, what do you like to discover? What is interesting to you? The only guidance for this question is; it must be connected to mediated communication. There are so many topics and subjects we were not able to cover in this class such as dating, education, social justice, etc. If it can be and is communicated online, the topic is fair game. It should be about Online Dating and how it is tied to hyper-personal communication. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperpersonal_model Instructions This is a research proposal. You are not actually doing the research. However, the beginning section of the research is much the same as a full research paper. As you are contemplating your research, remember these are the sections that need to be included in your paper. 1. Introduction ○ Rationale/justification 2. Lit review ○ Include your research question at the end of the lit review. 3. Methods/Theoretical Framework ○ Description of research design 4. Significance and Conclusion ○ Why your research is relevant to your audience. Your final paper will be examining a topic of your choice related to the themes and theories we have discussed during the semester. APA formatting is required on all writing assignments. Required components of the paper: 
 (1) Introduction/rationale, (1 - 2 pages) give a thorough overview of your topic and introduce your theory and method. Make sure the proposal starts on a general level with some type of introductory remarks before going into the details of the specific research question you are proposing. This can be accomplished by providing a frame of reference, a definition, or a discussion of the significance of the topic in the field. 1. Why is this topic or question important to research? 2. Provide a statement of the question, issue, or general problem that you are examining. A common problem in research proposals is for the author to delay too long in stating the specific research question. Make sure the research question is stated no later than the end of the second or third paragraph. Make sure the research question is fully stated in one place. (2) Literature Review, (2- 3 pages) gives a thorough overview of relevant research in the area you are focusing on, including the theory. In this section, you will show current and past research in your topic area. It gives credit to other researchers who have done the groundwork. Don't make it a list or a summary of each research listed. Tell the story of the theory and its application through others’ research. You should have 5 - 7 peer-reviewed references. Articulate your research questions and/or hypotheses. You should provide a strong theoretical justification for the research question, and convincing evidence for the importance and originality of the research questions. This will be the most difficult section of the paper to write and the longest. (3) Methodology/theoretical Framework 1 - 2 Pages) give a detailed description of the methods you use to answer your research questions. You should clarify the data collected and how, describe how that data was analyzed, and explain how the results were interpreted with regards to your research questions or hypotheses. Provide a full description of your general research design, as well as the specific methods and procedures used in your research project. 1. Describe your type of analysis, how will you complete your research to answer your research question? Will you conduct a content analysis, a thematic analysis, focus group, survey, etc? 2. How will you gather this information, face-to-face, online, etc... 3. Who will be your research participants, if any? You don't have to have research participants if you just study the text or the comments made in an online context. For example: when I researched the comments left at the death of Steve Jobs, I conducted a content analysis of those comments. I looked through the comments left within the last 2 weeks after he died and coded them according to the themes. That way I could discover what was important to people offering their condolences online. (4) Significance/Conclusion, (1-2 pages) give a detailed analysis of the meaning of the results. Highlight the implications of confirming the hypotheses and answering the research questions of your paper. (combined with the conclusion, you should also discuss potential challenges and limitations of the study, as well as directions for future research; 
 (7) Reference page, APA formatted Basic formatting and style requirements: (1) The paper should adhere to APA style formatting, including double-spaced, using a 12-point font with a 1-inch margin on all sides. Your research paper should include a title page. (2) All in-text citations and the reference page should be formatted in APA style (one place where you can learn more about it is the (3) The paper should be well-organized and demonstrate an excellent writing style. Be sure to carefully proofread the final draft and confirm that the text is clearly written, grammatically correct, and free of spelling errors.