Question Title: Analysis Essay on "Embrace of the Serpent (FILM)

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Midterm Paper Topic                                                          

—Length: 3 to 4 typed pages, double space

Film: Embrace of the Serpent (El abrazo de la serpienteCiro Guerra, 2015. The film is posted in Week 3 of this Moodle site. 

Write an analysis of Embrace of the Serpent using one of the two methods of analysis listed below:

Follow these instructions carefully. Much of your grade depends on it!

1) Use of Kinds of Montage — as identified and described by Sergei Einseinstein. This method is described in pages 37-38 of Cultural Criticism. I have also posted two videos with helpful, illustrative examples in Week 3. 

2) Use of Symbols, Indexes, and Icons (i.e., of types of signs according to the Peircean trichotomy of signs). These different types of signs are described in pages 74-79 of Cultural Criticism. The videos posted in Week 2  and Week 4, are particularly helpful. 

–Quote directly and often from the theoretical sources you are using, whether they come from a printed or video format. You don’t have to use any other sources than the ones mentioned, but if you do, make sure you give the authors credit. All direct quotations must be documented. Use the MLA, APA or any other suitable style you prefer.

Give your paper an original and creative title—something that condenses the idea of your semiotic analysis and attracts the attention of your reader.