One of the components of academic research is the Annotated Bibliography. This is a list of all of the sources you find during your research, and that you may use in whatever project/paper you are working on. The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to encourage you to begin your research early, to begin evaluating your research sources, and to apply critical thinking about how they might fit together in your project/paper concepts.

The Annotated Bibliography is a list of the sources you have found so far, related to one management concept. This includes the full reference citation and a summary of the article, along with some commentary on why the source is useful to the research.

This assignment must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Include at least five sources (scholarly sources, trade journals or peer-reviewed journals found using the Saint Leo University Library databases)

2. Include a full Reference page citation, formatted in APA format, for each source. To see an example go to How to Write an Annotated Bibliography (opens in a new window)

3. Include a clear summary of each research source: Explain what the article is about so that I can get a sense of the article. Here you will want to clearly state the main argument or point and explain some of the topics and supporting reasons focused on in the text.

4. Include commentary on why the source is useful and what kind of evidence it adds to your research. Does it add a particular perspective or type of evidence? Explain why you are including it.

5. Each annotation should be around 100 words long.

This is due on 9/6/23

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