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watch a documentary called “Everybody loves Babies.” The documentary
shows four babies during their first year of life and provides examples of the children’s development,
culturally regulated customs and practices of parental childcare and childrearing. Additional viewings of
the documentary will take place. Details will be provided in the Teaching Plan and LMS.
In the documentary, each child has a different sociocultural environment to interact with. This assignment
requires you to think about each of their holistic development in context. The assignment has four
sections – one for each culture - in which you provide an example for how the baby interacted with their
environment and how this influenced their development. Refer to developmental domains and relevant
theories, such as sociocultural theory, in your answer. 

Write a brief summary introducing each of the babies and their family life/lifestyle/environment.
Each baby had a different environment to interact with that included different people. For each baby,
write a paragraph about who they interacted with based on the evidence from the documentary.
Question 1 (4 parts): The babies had many experiences in their environments that contributed to their
early development in the physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive developmental domains.
Provide very clear and appropriate examples from the documentary for each baby that is related
to their development that highlights the influence of their particular culture. In addition, refer to
theory, such as sociocultural theory, in your answer. Each part must be 400 words – Total 1600 words.
IMPORTANT: You must not compare their development with each other. Focus on each baby
separately. This question is not a comparison of their development and/or culture.
Question 2: Identify and explain one example of a cultural custom/practice related to raising young
children for one of the four settings that is different to your own customs. In your answer, explain why
this is different to your own culture and reflect on why this is the case. 250 words.
Question 3: Identify and explain one example of a cultural custom/practice related to raising young
children for one of the four settings that was familiar to your own customs and practices. In your answer,
explain and reflect on the similarity to your own cultural customs and practices. 250 words.
For the entire assignment, your writing must be informed by the documentary, academic readings and our
lecture sessions. Please include your word count for each section. Remember to include a References
Page that is correctly formatted according to APA 7 requirements. Refer to the Assessment Rubric for
further details to guide you. The Assessment Rubric will be provided separately. 

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