Would You Fall For That, Group Conformity Assignment


Please fully answer each question accurately and thoughtfully (each question should have at least 3-5 complete sentences). 

1. Think about an important decision you have made. Perhaps it was about the university to attend, a job to take, a car to buy, or something very important to you. Discuss the characteristics of rational decision-making and ineffective decision-making that were involved in your decision. What is one element you could include in future decisions to avoid ineffective decision making? 

2. Watch the video “Would You Fall For That, Group Conformity” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDAbdMv14Is). After watching the video, answer the following questions:

2. What is groupthink? Discuss three symptoms of groupthink.

3. After watching the video discuss the symptom of “groupthink” that is reflected in the video. Have you ever experienced something similar happen to you or have you experienced it happen to someone else? 
4. Thinking about the symptom of groupthink you saw in the video, why do you think we allow this to happen to ourselves or others allow it to happen to them? Why is it difficult to stand up against the “status quo”? 
5. Again thinking about the symptom of groupthink discussed above, provide two specific actions group members or leaders could take to insure this does not occur in their groups.

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