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Assessment 2 - Written Responses

Question 1:

Assume that you own a restaurant and are about to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your employees (Serving staff)� Their work goals are to maximise sales by improved customer satisfaction and fast and friendly services� Therefore, the serving employees are required to conduct upselling and add-on sales�

In the following table, you are required to select the relevant and appropriate KPIs for your serving employees� (BSBPEF301: PC 1�1, KE 1, 2)




Question 2:

You have several tasks to be completed by the end of this week, as shown below:




Required: You are required to use the following table to prioritise (sort out) these 8 tasks according to the importance/urgency and the task timeframe� (BSBPEF301: PC 1�2, PE 4)




Question 3:

Research Gantt Chart and explain how it helps you manage tasks� (BSBPEF301: PE 3)

Question 4:

Identify at least five factors that may affect personal work performance� (BSBPEF301: PC 1�3)

Question 5:

Use the following table to develop your personal work plans� You are required to provide at least five or more tasks/activities with the detailed requirements in your plan� (BSBPEF301: PC 1�4, PE 1, 2, KE 4�1, 4�2, 4�3, 4�4)



Question 6:

Identify variations in the following table� Select the appropriate personnel from the list to report the variations and provide your reason for your choice� (BSBPEF301: PC 2�1, 2�2, PE 5)








Question 7:

Explain why having consultation with relevant stakeholders is important to minimise variances between the targeted and the actual outcomes� (BSBPEF301: PC 2�3, KE 3)

Question 8:

List at least three sources of stress in the workplace or your study and explain how to support your employees/friends to relieve stress in the workplace/study� (BSBPEF301: PC 2�4, KE 7)

Question 9:

Explain how to identify the needs for personal and professional development� (BSBPEF301: PC 3�1, PE 6, KE 8)

Question 10:

Explain how your supervisors/managers get involved in your personal skill development activities� (BSBPEF301: PC 3�2, KE 5, 6)

Question 11:

Explain how to access professional development opportunities and their records for ongoing development� (BSBPEF301: PC 3�3)

Question 12:

Explain why professional development activities should be recorded and reviewed� (BSBPEF301: PC 3�4)

Question 13:

Explain how to gather feedback from relevant stakeholders and incorporate it into the needs of further learning� (BSBPEF301: PC 3�5)

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