Marketing Management Individual Project (MMIP): Discover Marketing Management Assignment


Marketing Management Individual Project (MMIP): Discover Marketing Management Assignment Instructions



Each student must complete an individual marketing project. Your first task is to select a project topic. This must be an existing product, service, or organization. Please select an organization or brand from within one of these pre-approved industries:

·      Agriculture

·      Automotive/personal transportation

·      Computers/home technology

·      Consumer staples

·      Fast food

·      Financial services

·      Food and beverage

·      Health care

·      Home entertainment

·      Home furnishings/appliances/comfort

·      Hospitality

·      House and garden

·      Insurance

·      Large retail

·      Online retail

·      Personal care/nutrition

·      Personal communication

·      Personal fitness

·      Personal technology/consumer electronics

·      Shipping

·      Specialty retail


The same project topic must be used in all installments. Each project installment must include a title page that has the name of the project topic in it. Each of the five questions should be numbered and written out in its entirety in the pages that follow. The entire document (all five questions, combined, but not counting references) should be at least 600 words (12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced), and include a separate references page. All content must show direct application to the topic and exclude definitions of terms and general explanations of generic marketing topics. The assignment should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

When completing an assignment for a given module, the student will assume the role of marketing manager for the selected organization. All student responses must be based on research. View the entire course textbook (all chapters) as a resource for the assignment, meaning it may be necessary to locate assignment-related material in chapters other than those corresponding with the module in which the assignment is located. While the effort has been made to ensure that all material necessary for assignment completion is found in the textbook, contact the instructor immediately if information needed to complete the assignment cannot be located in the textbook. The instructor will then provide instructions on locating the required material. Quotes must be minimized and long quotes (40 words or more) avoided. Outside sources that can be cited include scholarly marketing journals (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, etc.), practitioner publications (Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, etc.), and the course textbook. Assignments must be submitted though Turnitin.


Q1. Provide a description of the product/service and a brief history of the firm.

Q2. Explain the organization’s current or possible global marketing efforts. (Ch. 3)

Q3. Explain the organization’s mission. Provide its mission statement or create one if necessary. Please format this with quotation marks, italics, or bold print. (Ch 3)

Q4. Explain the organization’s competitive strategy. Chapter 3 provides the names of specific strategies. Select one of these specific strategies. (Ch.3)

Q5. Conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis for the organization. Structure this with a heading for each of the four components. (Ch.3)

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