Great Depression Bugeting


<h1>Your weekly salary is $16.89 and your savings are $ 34.00<span class="sg-text sg-text--break-words QuestionBoxContent-module__secondary--R8Qi2">You will prepare a monthly ( 4 weeks) budget for your family of 4 after you and your family are forced in search of employment you will need the following: you need to buy enough food to last 4 weeks( 1 month), need to purchase a home, need to buy 7 different clothing, purchase a vehicle ( include gas and regular maintenance), need to purchase 3 furniture or appliances, need to purchase 2 miscellaneous items and 2 household item you can use your savings to make purchases if needed. List the subtotals for each category and the total monthly salary, savings, total monthly expenses, and the money left at the end of the month after all the subtotals are added up together for each category</span></h1>
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