construction management



iYou will choose any structure to build
Consider Mr. John as the client
You must prepare a proposal to build your project
Must have Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, Roofing, Foundation, Interior/Exterior, Plot, Site, Elevation Plans
Must have all costs and materials
Must have scope, schedule and budget
Choose and Design any structure
You must calculate all materials, costs, etc.
Must have a schedule
Must have complete interior and exterior details showing things like hot water etc overview
you will need to provide several plans.  Plans do not need to be professionally complete, but be easily understood
Higher grades for being both creative and cost-effective.
Consider Mr. John as client
He likes to see innovation, novel ideas and creativity
All projects will be force-ranked
If you choose a sleeping structure, it must be > 1500 square feet.
Needs to sleep 10+.
Septic is to the south.
Foundation, design elements, etc., are your choice.
Your report needs to be thorough.  PowerPoint preferred. 
30 points:  Did you include the minimum requirements?
Calculate and price materials? 
Create a framing, electrical and plumbing plan
General electrical and plumbing layout.
Firm wall and foundation layout.
Break-out material costs
20 points:  Points for being both creative and cost-effective.
50 points:  Report quality

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