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Jessica, this week you have studied the topic of developing trust among those you lead or may lead and developing goals as you discover and develop your personal leadership style. When considering their leadership style many people may assume they have characteristics of one style or another at first. Most people have more than one style naturally. From the leadership styles below, what are two or three leadership styles relate to your own leadership style and why do you believe each one is essential for you as a leader? What are two of your personal leadership goals and how would each of the styles you have adopted help you achieve those goals? Be specific in sharing your explanation.

Leadership style

  • Autocratic (top-down authority)
  • Paternalistic (fatherly encouragement)
  • Servant (others before self)
  • Transformational (organizational visionary)
  • Facilitator (help others discover their potential)
  • Teacher (develop and grow others)
  • Team (shared empowerment)
  • Other
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