Discuss how a leader with a Christian biblical worldview selects followers and shapes organizational culture to influence how individuals fit into their jobs and the organization. 
What implications does this have for effective socialization/onboarding of new employees in an organization?
Following your initial post, please post at minimum one reply to another student and either build on the initial post or politely challenge the initial post.   The requirements for proficient scores in dialogue include: (a) each post is 250-300 words maximum, (b) the initial post is submitted by the end of Wed-Thu of Week 1, (c) first reply by the end of Mon of week 2, (d) and the second reply by Fri of week 2, (e) no grammatical or writing errors, (f) work of others cited correctly (APA), (g) references provided for all outside material, (h) demonstrates proficiency in content from assigned reading and from extant outside resources, (i) demonstrates proficiency in critical thinking tying content to the topic. Shows proficient insight into the topic, and (j)  demonstrates proficiency in the usage of information from a global perspective to embrace a Christ-like attitude to impact the global community.
NOTE (1): Initial Post should have at least three (3) references, all from the course materials for this Period. Additional references from the research literature (e.g., EBSCOhost) may supplement the three primary references from the course materials.

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