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I am conducting an investigation into the ethical implications of two hiring practices: the hiring
of individuals with criminal backgrounds and the use of job board systems. Through thorough
research and analysis, I aim to explore the potential risks, legal responsibilities, and moral
implications of each of these practices and determine whether organizations should avoid them
or use them in an ethical manner.
The first case presents a complex and challenging question: should an organization avoid hiring
individuals with criminal backgrounds? Although there is no federal law prohibiting
discrimination against former inmates, having blanket policies that exclude those with criminal
backgrounds has ethical dimensions. There are legitimate reasons for not hiring someone with a
criminal record, especially when public health and safety are at stake. If an ex-convict were to
commit a crime and harm a coworker or customer, the organization could be held responsible for
negligent hiring.
However, the rehabilitation of ex-convicts depends on finding employment, and failing to offer a
second chance can perpetuate a cycle of poverty and crime. Depending on when the crime
occurred and what it was, the risks to the business may be minimal. There are also businesses,
such as Dave’s Killer Bread, that are committed to giving those with criminal backgrounds a
second chance and benefit from a highly motivated workforce.
To analyze this case, I will conduct extensive research on relevant laws and regulations, as well
as ethical theories that apply to the issue. I will also seek out case studies of organizations that
have faced similar challenges to examine how they have handled them.
The second case deals with the ethical concerns surrounding the use of job board systems. There
are two primary ethical concerns in this area. First is the ownership of applicant data input into
job board systems. Although online information privacy laws vary by country, it is not always
clear who owns the data. In some instances, job board companies have been known to track all
applicant job application information and personal data and sell this information. The second
concern is information security, given that cybercrime could lead to applicant information being
stolen. In response, some job board systems have introduced features such as making resumes
completely private so that employers cannot search for applicants.
To analyze this case, I will conduct research on current laws and regulations related to online
privacy and data security. I will also consider the perspectives of different stakeholders, such as
applicants, recruiters, and job board companies to gain a more comprehensive understanding.
In conclusion, my aim is to provide an in-depth analysis of the ethical issues at hand and make
recommendations that will help organizations navigate those challenges.

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