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The first quality I think I already have is belief in people, this is explained as "No leadership is will be visible unless it is founded on a belief in people and teamwork" (Dalgish & Miller). I believe that I already have this quality because I am constantly around the team setting, I have faith in all my teammates to get the job done on the field. Believing that your team can get it done and trusting them to do it well is important in lots of aspect of life. The second quality I have is risk taking, I believe that in order to be success risks must be taken. Sometimes when I take a risk it does not always turn out the right way, but I would have never known that unless I took the risk. Being able to shift into uncomfortable situations is important for self growth along with team growth. The third quality I have is commitment to excellence, getting the job done and getting it done well is important. Being able to commit to the success of something can help make sure it is executed in the right ways. One quality that believe I lack is vision, I always know where I want to go, however I lack being able to see how it will plan out in the future. I take the steps to achieve this goal, but I am unsure if they are the rights steps. Being able to lead people to this common goal is hard for me because I question a lot of decisions. I plan to fix this by always being positive when things don't go the right way. Knowing that I can take steps to turning it around. The second quality I lack is devotions to long-term growth, I think I lack this because if the short-term does not work out how I plan to I start to panic. I need to learn to trust in other people to help me achieve a long-term goal instead of trying to do everything on my own. I plan to fix this by learning to lean on others when I need help seeing the long-term goals. 

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