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Do birds of a feather flock together?  Or do opposites attract?  What are the effects of social rejection, and what sacrifices do we make in our sense of self to avoid this rejection?  In our discussion, we will identify properties and factors involved in interpersonal attraction and affiliation, as well as the function of these factors in the formation and maintenance in a variety of relationships.

  • Reflect upon a long-term love relationship or friendship you have had in your life (spouse, best friend, etc.). 
  • Prepare to discuss the initial factors that attracted you to that individual, as well as the factors of attraction that have ensured the sustainability of that relationship.  Ensure the following points are addressed:
    • What factors of attraction, as noted in the readings, do you agree initially attracted you to that individual (similarity, proximity, physical attractiveness)?
    • Of these factors you described, which have been the most influential in sustaining this relationship in the long-term and why?
    • What are the effects of social ostracism and how might it influence an individual to stay in a damaging relationship?

Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Quoting or paraphrasing from any source in discussion posts requires APA format by including an in-text citation and listing the reference at the end of the post.

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