Reading Response Questions Chapter 8 - Ordinary Saints Book


Read Ordinary Saints by Robert Benne Chapter 8 called Work. I attached the pages in JPG format below and each attachment is numerically organized with parentheses (Pages 163-180). 

Then Answer ODD questions at the end of the reading. Here are the questions:

Chapter 8

1. Does the author assess the market economy (capitalism) too even-handedly? Should it be more highly praised or sharply criticized? 

3. What sorts of work might be "beyond the pale" (morally unacceptable or forbidden) by Christian values? Work in the pornography industry? The nuclear industry? Tobacco industry? Abortion services? Pawn shop? Lottery? 

5. Reflect on the notion of "critical participation" in the world of work. What would that mean in your work? Does such participation employ Christian intellectual and moral resources? How so? 

7. Give an example from the world of work similar to that of the author's story of helping a student in difficulty. 

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