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In order to explore our current knowledge base, it is important to have an understanding of the research that brought us here.  Over the course of this class, as well as your academic program, you will consistently review research to explore how we have reached conclusions, as well as implications for future research in the field.  By performing literature reviews, you are able to meet several academic outcomes.  It allows you to compare and contrast information in the field, as well as explore relevant sources that are directly related to your specific area of focus.  When you graduate and possibly plan to begin working in the field, you will need to continue to be a student of your craft, and stay current with developments that are occurring in your field.  If you hope to conduct research yourself, analyzing research allows you to identify your specific area of focus, as well as identify any gaps that may need to be filled. To achieve any of these goals, one first needs to understand the basic properties and intentions of research articles, and identify methodologies, conclusions, and considerations for future research proposals.    

  • Write a 1-page double spaced literature review of a scholarly article of your choosing from the last 5 years.   Include the following information:
    • Find the article from the ProQuest database in the Grace Library website
    • The title, author, and date of publication of the article
    • The problem, or hypothesis, that the research paper is addressing
    • The methodology used (experimental, correlational, survey, etc.)
    • The specific variables explored
    • The information gained or conclusions resulting from the study (was the hypothesis proven?)
    • Implications for future research – these can be those proposed by the authors of the study, or you can discuss your own proposed implications

Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required.

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