Reading Response Questions Chapter 7 - Ordinary Saints Book


Read Ordinary Saints by Robert Benne Chapter 7 called Marriage and Family Life. I attached the pages in JPG format below and each attachment is numerically organized with parentheses (Pages 131-161). 

Then Answer ODD questions at the end of the reading. Here are the questions:

Chapter 7

1. Discuss the generally positive view of pre-1960s marriage and family life.

3. Does our contemporary society still uphold the four purposes listed for marriage as a place of responsibility?

5. Does that vision seem a realistic option for young Christians? For you?

7. If you were on the church council of a congregation in which a gay couple requested a public blessing of their relationship, how would you respond to that request?

9. A different slant on "tolerance" is given in this chapter. What is it? Do you agree with it?

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