From Christ to the World Paper - Christian Ethics


FCW Paper (500-700 word minimum) Summarize key points in the following sections of the textbook called From Christ to the World by Boulton, Kennedy & Verhey.  Apply these key points to a current topic/headline news story in our culture today.  You will have a summary of each of the four sections below as well as at least one current topic for each of the four sections below. 

I attached the pages in JPG format below. 

  • What is Sexuality?
    • FCW 56   1 Corinthians 6:9 – 7:16; 7:25-38; Eph 5:20-33
  • What is Marriage? Sexuality in Marriage?
    • FCW 60   Respect for Covenant, Lewis Smedes
  • Alternative Viewpoints
    • FCW 61  The Liberal Approach to Sexual Ethics, James Nelson
  • Premarital Sexual Expression
    • FCW 62  Excerpt from Limited Engagements, Philip W. Turner, III
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