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Choice theory suggests that young offenders choose to engage in antisocial activity because they believe their actions will be beneficial and profitable. Trait theory suggests that youthful misbehavior is driven by biological or psychological abnormalities, such as hyperactivity, low intelligence, biochemical imbalance, or genetic defects. Both views suggest that delinquency is an individual problem, not a social problem. Choice theory assumes that people have free will to choose their behavior.
Some experts view the cause of delinquency as essentially psychological. According to psychodynamic theory, law violations are a product of an abnormal personality structure formed early in life, and which thereafter controls human behavior choices. Behaviorists suggest that individuals learn by observing how people react to their behavior. Behavior is triggered initially by a stimulus, or change in the environment. Cognitive theorists, who study information processing, try to explain antisocial behavior in terms of perception and analysis of data. A common theme is that delinquents are hyperactive, impulsive individuals with short attention spans (attention deficit disorder), who frequently manifest conduct disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression.

  • Write a 2.5-page paper describing the theories of delinquency. Ensure the following points are addressed:
    • Choice theory
    • Psychodynamic theory
    • Trait theory
    • Ensure that you provide an introduction, conclusion, and a minimum of two scholarly resources that support your writing. APA 7TH EDITION
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