Role-play Script #2: Objection Handling Techniques


In this script, the student, in the role of the salesperson, will demonstrate his/her ability to handle an objection from a buyer.  

The student will use two objection handling techniques in this role-play script. Before the script begins, the student needs to state which two specific objection handling techniques from Exhibit 8.8 on page 179 he/she will use. More information on objection techniques is attached below in in JPG format. (pg. 179-183)

For example, the role-play could open with the salesperson asking a check-back question. The buyer will then have an objection. The salesperson will then resond to the objection, and follow up with a check-back question. If the buyer's objection is "your price is too high," the seller is not allowed to complain the objection by lowering the price or offering to include something of value which has the same effect as lowering the price. The salesperson will continue with another check-back question and will once again be interrupted by the buyer with another objection. This objection will be of a different type than the first objection. The salesperson will respond to the second objection using the other objection handling technique stated in the introduction.  

Actions required:  

1. Read textbook Chapter 8, p. 179-183. (attached below in JPG Format)

2. Create the role of the salesperson.  

3. Create a fictional role of the buyer.

4. Submit an 800-1000 word script on Word Document for this assignment 

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