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The role of law enforcement is constantly changing as society changes.  Those who study the criminal justice system must always study future trends to see how law enforcement can best support and protect their communities.  It is important that one studies the future changes that may be occurring to properly select and train new officers who will be entering the police force.  This is also based on trends of crimes that are being observed and locating the type of individuals with the skills to address those future crimes. 

  • Explore the IACP Website.
  • Discuss the following points related to this topic:
    • Articulate three (3) specific ideas (with supporting sources) on changes that could better prepare our police agencies to respond to the needs of their communities. 
    • Frame your discussion from the perspective of one who is educated and providing guidance to your community (or peers) on what to expect in the future, and how the law enforcement community can best prepare for these future trends to best serve the community.

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