Use of force is a significant issue for police officers. They received numerous hours of training on how to utilize their weapons and other training on when to apply force. The issue facing officers in the use of force is significant because the decisions are usually made in a split second in circumstances that are rapidly occurring, tense and uncertain. Officers realize that their quick actions will be evaluated by many afterwards and could lead to civil and criminal actions. Evaluating the use of force issues police face on a daily basis helps to understand the ethical issues that they face. From their training to the decisions to apply force is a significant issue in today's society. Use of force issues are extremely important as we discussed the issues facing police today and for future considerations.
Watch the video: FLETC Talks - Graham v. Connor
Write a 2.5 page paper covering the following points related to this topic:
Review the video on the case of Graham v. Connor.
Research police training on use of force at police academies and departments in your state.
Give an overview of the Graham v. Connor case
Explain the decision-making training provided for officers
Articulate your conclusions on the effectiveness and value of the training, and suggestions for improvement.

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